Blockcap Mines 544 BTC in Q1 2021

Blockcap announced that it mined a total of 544 Bitcoin in the first quarter of 2021. The results come shortly after Blockcap acquired new large-scale mining machinery. The Q1 stats highlight Blockcap’s rapid growth in the industry, especially compared to other North American competitors.

Founder and Executive Chairman of Blockcap, Darin Feinstein, notes that the continued growth is a part of Blockcap’s overall strategy to turn the United States into a Bitcoin mining and blockchain hub. Feinstein expressed his excitement about the industry’s potential by saying, “Currently there are roughly 60 million Americans who don’t have access to bank accounts and roughly 1.7 billion people globally who are also unbanked. And we at Blockcap strongly believe that the blockchain industry as a whole will provide these unbanked people with the critical technology necessary for accessing the financial system.”