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Darin Feinstein

, founder and executive chairman of Blockcap Inc., has been involved in various degrees of the digital assets space since 2012. Discover what’s behind Feinstein’s career, philanthropic work, and other business ventures.
Investor Darin Feinstein

About Darin Feinstein

Before Darin Feinstein founded Blockcap, one of the largest independent bitcoin mining operators in North America, he spent nearly a decade in the digital assets space.

He is the co-founder and executive chairman of Blockcap. Since the launch of Blockcap in 2020, Feinstein and the Blockcap team have been focused on diversifying its operations and acquiring blockchain assets in geographically important regions that are technologically important to the space. Feinstein and fellow leaders of Blockcap first became involved in mining in 2012. 

Combining the assets of five pre-existing Bitcoin mining companies, Blockcap operates what is among the largest collections of hashing power in North America. Under his leadership, the company continues to grow and is on a mission to transform the United States into a global hub for bitcoin mining and other blockchain-related ventures. In addition, the Blockcap team have created key blockchain software and the full-scale build-out of blockchain hosting facilities. Before helping launch Blockcap, Feinstein also founded premier AI and Blockchain provider Core Scientific Inc. in 2017.

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“Mining on a pool that is made and based completely in the U.S., and offers institutional miners payouts at par with the world’s biggest pools was an obvious choice on our mission to make North America a global hub for digital-asset mining.” – Darin Feinstein

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An industry thought leader, Darin Feinstein shares the latest Bitcoin, blockchain and investment insights.

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A venture capitalist, Feinstein has also earned the reputation as a serial entrepreneur, owning and operating several businesses across a variety of industries.

He is an innovator and investor in the entertainment and dining industries. Feinstein assembled a world-class team in 2012, in the creation of Black Star Investments, to build upon his portfolio in live entertainment, restaurants, real estate holdings and financial services spaces. 

As the founder of Black Star Investments, Feinstein directs and guides the acquisitions and operations of properties. He is also the owner and managing partner of entertainment company Red Mercury Entertainment, based in Las Vegas, which produces and manages world-class production shows and residency concerts on the Las Vegas Strip.

Inside El Durado Cantina

El Dorado Cantina, a Black Star Investments property, is an upscale Mexican restaurant and bar close to the Las Vegas Strip

Darin Feinstein with Eddie Griffin

Feinstein with Eddie Griffin at The Shade Tree fundraising event


Feinstein’s philanthropic work is focused on helping charities, non-profit organizations, and initiatives he is passionate about, especially those in his community.

Organizations supported include Las Vegas area hospitals, particularly during the COVID-19 crisis, All Star Kids, Keep Memory Alive and Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, at Cleveland Clinic Nevada, and SafeNest. He also has a deep personal connection with The Shade Tree Organization and its mission to provide homeless and abused women and children in crisis situations with safe shelter. Feinstein has been an enthusiastic financial supporter of The Shade Tree since 2013.


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