Darin Feinstein is an entrepreneur, investor, digital assets thought leader and entertainment industry professional. However, Feinstein is also a passionate philanthropist, using his network and his reach to give back to his community.

The Shade Tree

Feinstein is a long-term supporter of The Shade Tree Organization, a Las Vegas-based organization that offers a safe haven to women and children who are in crisis or are members of the unhoused community.

This organization provides residents with access to housing assistance, mental health service coordination, daily breakfast, lunch and dinner services, a children’s activity center, and victim services. The Shade Tree also grants its residents access to the Stallman Touro Medical Clinic, which provides treatment for chronic illnesses, women’s health, and pediatric services.

 Since 2013, Feinstein has utilized his personal network in the dining and entertainment industries to help provide residents of The Shade Tree with food, entertainment and monetary donations. He has helped fund some of the building’s renovations and expansions over the past decade, and has supported the Touro Medical Facility, which is run by Touro University Nevada, at the Touro Gala.

Shade Tree Holiday Event

“The causes we support like The Shade Tree do wonderful work with very limited resources. We aim to provide as much support as possible to aid in their contributions to the local community.” – Darin Feinstein

Feinstein & Griffin Foundation

Feinstein and Griffin partnered to create a foundation to propel the advancement of Black youth, their families, and other community groups.

The Feinstein & Griffin Foundation

Feinstein partnered with actor and comedian Eddie Griffin to create the Feinstein & Griffin Foundation.

The foundation is a grassroots organization that advocates for communities to invest in the children in the community and help them achieve success. This organization offers a college access program that equips students with resources to help them in high school and beyond, so they are aware of all the opportunities that are available to them post-high school.

 The Feinstein & Griffin Foundation aims to create a social change movement that will propel the advancement of Black youth, their families, and other community-based groups that are working to increase access to post-secondary education for minority students.

Other Charitable Partnerships

Feinstein is committed to giving back to the Las Vegas community and has been a proponent of many local non-profit organizations and philanthropic events in the Las Vegas area. 

Some of the other organizations and events Feinstein has been actively involved with are:

  • All Star Kids
  • Adelson Educational Campus Gala 
  • Country Jamboree 
  • The Festival of Trees Gala 
  • Jammin’ 4 Hope 
  • Keep Memory Alive and Larry Ruvo Center for Brain Health at Cleveland Clinic Nevada
  • The Meadows School
  • NF Hope Concert
  • Noah’s Animal House
  • SafeNest
  • Temple Sinai Gala
  • VGK Center of Excellence Banquet