Blockcap Mines 544 BTC in Q1 2021

Blockcap announced that it mined a total of 544 Bitcoin in the first quarter of 2021. The results come shortly after Blockcap acquired new large-scale mining machinery. The Q1 stats highlight Blockcap’s rapid growth in the industry, especially compared to other North American competitors. Founder and Executive Chairman of Blockcap, Darin Feinstein, notes that the […]

Blockcap Announces Jarvis Hollingsworth to its Board of Directors

Jarvis Hollingsworth becomes the newest member of Blockcap’s board of directors. Hollingsworth, a seasoned attorney and esteemed US Army veteran, brings legal and regulatory expertise to the rapidly growing digital asset mining firm. Feinstein said of the new addition, “We’re thrilled to have Jarvis as a member of our growing team, not only because of […]

Former Texas Governor Welcomes Bitcoin Leader to Austin

Blockcap announced that it will move from Las Vegas, Nevada, to re-establish its headquarters in Austin, Texas. Former Governor Rick Perry noted that this is a critical development for the state as they work toward becoming more Bitcoin-friendly. Founder and Executive Chairman of Blockcap Darin Feinstein said of the move, “Austin is our home base […]

Blockcap Plans to Have 50k Miners Operational by 2023

By the end of 2022, Blockcap plans to have over 50,000 digital asset mining rigs up and running. The firm’s goal is to have their ETH mining rigs account for 0.21% of the entire Ethereum network. If Blockcap reaches their goal of having over 50,000 Bitcoin miners fully operational, then they’re projected to control about […]

Blockcap Joins Leading Digital Asset Firms in Announcing Bitcoin Mining Council

Blockcap announced that it has joined the newly formed Bitcoin Mining Council, a voluntary forum dedicated to educating the general public on Bitcoin mining, best practices, and latest developments in a transparent manner. Feinstein said of the Council, “Our aim is to educate people about the virtues of this groundbreaking technology as a tool for […]