About Darin Feinstein

Darin Feinstein is the Founder and Chairman of Core Scientific and a non-practicing attorney with vast experience in the investment banking and financial industries.
Darin Feinstein Entrepreneur


Feinstein studied at University of Arizona, graduating in 1995 with a degree in accounting.

Feinstein went on to earn his juris doctor degree (J.D.) from Southwestern University in 1998 before starting his career. A licensed California attorney, Feinstein served as a board member at his alma mater, Southwestern University School Law, for 15 years.

He worked as an accountant at Kenneth Leventhal (prior to the merger with Ernst and Young) and later as in-house counsel to real estate investment banking company The Richland Group.

In the following years, Feinstein started a boutique investment banking firm, Blackhawk Capital Partners, Inc. Focused on distressed assets in the real estate sector, the firm manages projects in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas.

Throughout the 2000s, Feinstein oversaw several projects throughout the West Coast region. Projects included the construction of structurally significant buildings and coordination with both local communities and the California Coastal Commission.

He continued as a self-practicing lawyer until 2017, when he applied his entrepreneurial and investor knowledge with his passion for blockchain and AI-related ventures to help found Core Scientific. As part of the original team behind Core Scientific, his guidance has helped the company grow into a leader in bitcoin mining and AI-hosting capabilities.

Core Scientific

Feinstein teamed up with some of the leaders of the blockchain industry who have successfully structured or founded other large technology companies to form a new Bitcoin mining and blockchain infrastructure company, Core Scientific. A co-founder of Core Scientific, Feinstein also serves as co-executive chairman.

Other Experience and Interests

Feinstein’s portfolio includes businesses across the real estate, entertainment, hospitality and food & beverage industries. 

He is a managing member of entertainment and venue management company, Red Mercury Entertainment, which is based in Las Vegas. Feinstein is involved with many popular restaurants in the Las Vegas area, including El Dorado Cantina, and Rock and Reilly’s. He is also the largest franchisee in terms of total revenue for the Fatburger brand and the creator and owner of the Fatbar concept.

Fatburger and Fat Bar

Feinstein is the largest franchisee for the Fatburger brand.


Under Darin’s leadership, Core Scientific has filed over 50 patents.
He also helped obtain patents for the following inventions: 


Systems and Methods for Securely Storing Patient Information and Providing Access Thereto 

In 2019, Feinstein applied his knowledge and expertise in the blockchain space to create an invention for the medical information technology industry. Working with Douglas Grim, Jason Hurst, Karthik Karunanithi, Justin Saliman and Ryan Saliman, Feinstein and team invented a method designed to enhance systems and processes for securely storing patient information as well as providing access to.

While commonly used systems do not adequately protect sensitive patient information from security threats, blockchain technology offers a more reliable solution because it is difficult to alter information stored on a blockchain. With blockchain, there is a higher level of confidence in the accuracy of the determinations. According to the patent filing, information regarding treatment, treatment provider, and/or treatment facility determined through this method may be more trustworthy and therefore, more valuable to the patient. Originally filed in June 2019, the date of publication was January 2, 2020.

Sidewalk Accessible Food Service Stand
Throughout his career Feinstein has invested in a variety of projects in the food & beverage industry. In his restaurant industry experience, Feinstein recognized an opportunity for creating easy access to the food products in heavy traffic areas like Las Vegas and other major cities. He invented a self-contained slushy stand built to be within reach of passing foot traffic. This food service stand demonstrates how businesses can gain a competitive edge by increasing accessibility to their product to passing foot traffic, where otherwise a person may not visit the business’ main physical space. Originally filed in May 2014, the date of patent was May 3, 2016.

Darin Feinstein at a Shade Tree event

Feinstein making donation to The Shade Tree.


A resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, Feinstein has committed much of his philanthropic and volunteer support to local non-profit organizations and charitable events.

He is actively involved with The Shade Tree Organization, All Star Kids, Keep Memory Alive and Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, at Cleveland Clinic Nevada, and SafeNest, among many others. Feinstein has supported many charity events including NF Hope Concerts, Temple Sinai Gala, and Jammin’ 4 Hope, to name a few.

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