Austin, Texas | Coindesk Consensus 2022 | Building An Institutional Grade BTC Miner

Core Scientific’s co-founder and Co-Chairman Darin Feinstein joins Castle Island’s Partner Nic Carter at Consensus 2022 for a conversation on the emerging blockchain data center industry, the infrastructure required to build scaled mining operations, and the current and future state of the industry. Watch The Full Video Here

Texas | 2022 Miners Summit, Where Tech & Energy Meet

Darin Feinstein speaks at Miners Summit, Where Tech and Energy Meet, the all-VIP executive conference for Bitcoin miners, data centers, and energy companies, as well as the companies and suppliers who work with these power and tech innovators. 

Norway | Oslo Freedom Forum 2022 – Main Stage Day 2

Tune in to watch Darin Feinstein, Nic Carter, Lyn Alden & Troy Cross on the panel of the main stage at the Oslo Freedom Forum. Darin Feinstein and panelists discuss Authoritarianism, ESG, and the Impact of Foreign Investment on Global Human Rights Putin’s Wars: How to Defend Human Rights in Russia, Ukraine, and Beyond The […]

Bitcoin miners rebut claims made by US Democratic legislators to EPA administrator

In a note authored by Michael Saylor, Nic Carter and Darin Feinstein, the Bitcoin Mining Council alleges that lawmakers can’t tell the difference between a data center and a power plant. The Bitcoin Mining Council (BMC) responded to a letter sent to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Michael Regan by Democratic legislators […]

Dorsey, Feinstein, Saylor, Fidelity and others defend environmental impact of bitcoin mining in letter to EPA

Some of the biggest names in bitcoin — including Jack Dorsey, Tom Lee, and Michael Saylor — have banded together to refute claims made by House Democrats calling on the Environmental Protection Agency to investigate the environmental effects of crypto mining. Bitcoin operates on a proof-of-work (PoW) mining model, meaning that miners around the world run high-powered computers to […]

Peter McCormack: Bitcoin, The Greatest Money System with Darin Feinstein

Darin Feinstein, an early investor in Bitcoin, co-founded Core Scientific, one of the largest Bitcoin mining operations. In this interview, we discuss the revolution of triple-entry accounting, providing 8 billion people property rights and banking, combating FUD, and rapid advances in mining chips. “The one thing that’s certain is it’s never going away because this […]