The Shade Tree 11th Annual Holiday Give Back

On December 20th, El Dorado Cantina, Pinkbox Donuts, Sugar Factory American Brasserie, Tix4, Red Mercury Entertainment, and Findlay Kia, joined by comedian Eddie Griffin, collaborated to deliver a special lunch from El Dorado Cantina to The Shade Tree shelter. This initiative is part of the 11th Annual Holiday Give Back, which extends an invitation to […]

Is Bitcoin Mining the Most Sustainable Industry?

Bitcoin mining has gained a bad reputation for being poorly sustainable in comparison to other industries. However, recent data from the Bitcoin Mining Council (BMC) data shows that the opposite is true. In fact, Bitcoin mining is the most sustainable industry on the planet.  The BMC is a voluntary organization that works to actively inform the public […]

Bitcoiners respond to Congress members’ EPA letter

Members of Congress wrote a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) last month claiming that Bitcoin production is “poisoning” U.S. communities. The Bitcoin industry has now responded. Why it matters: Nearly everyone now agrees that polluters should pay for the messes they make, and that greenhouse gas emissions are included as part of that mess. Bitcoin gets […]

Bitcoin Miners Contributing to Power Grids

“China’s ban that resulted in the down-powering of mining infrastructure was a trillion-dollar present to the U.S.,” said Core Scientific co-founder Darin Feinstein. Bitcoin mining in particular has collected a reputation for its large carbon footprint that is driven by the energy demands of the rigs that do the mining. When China housed the majority […]

Greener Bitcoin Mining Could Be China’s ‘Trillion-Dollar Present’ to the US

This is the second part of a two-part series. Read the first story here. When China banned bitcoin (BTC) mining from May of last year, it handed the U.S. a “trillion-dollar present,” as one mining executive told CoinDesk. But perhaps most importantly, crypto miners, particularly listed firms in the U.S., Canada and parts of Europe, are […]