Core Scientific, a Major U.S. Bitcoin Mining Company, is Going Public VIA SPAC

Core Scientific, the largest digital asset miner and blockchain hosting provider in North America, will be listed publicly on the NASDAQ exchange through a merger with Power & Digital Infrastructure Corp (XPDI). The combined company will now operate as Core Scientific, and the merger will set the company’s pro forma enterprise value at $4.3 billion. […]

How the U.S. Became the World’s New Bitcoin Mining Hub

As of August 2021, the United States is the second-largest Bitcoin mining destination on the planet. To date, the United States accounts for close to 17% of the world’s Bitcoin miners. The country’s rising dominance in the industry can be attributed to two main factors: miners leaving China due to recent regulations and growth in […]

Bitcoin Mining Isn’t Nearly as Bad for the Environment as It Used to Be

Ever since its creation, people have criticized Bitcoin for being environmentally destructive. However, new data from the University of Cambridge shows that Bitcoin’s environmental impact is drastically improving. This is largely due to miners relocating from China to the United States, where there’s plenty of cheap, renewable energy available. Read the full article

Crypto Cowboys: Texas Counties Welcome Bitcoin Miners With Open Arms

Recent regulations in China have led many Bitcoin miners to relocate to the U.S. Texas has become a popular destination for many mining companies thanks to the state’s abundance of wind energy, deregulated power grid, and digital asset-friendly political leaders. Darin Feinstein, Founder and Chairman of Core Scientific, noted the positive aspects of setting up […]

Crypto Lender Celsius Confirms $54M Investment in Miner Core Scientific

Core Scientific will receive a $54 million investment from the digital asset lender Celsius. Celsius announced its investment plans two days after Core Scientific said it planned to go public on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Celsius also announced that it would be joining the Bitcoin Mining Council, which Core Scientific is a founding member of. […]