Core Scientific Provides Software to Fujitsu Australia in its SaaS Reseller Agreement

Core Scientific recently announced a partnership with Fujitsu Australia. Fujitsu Australia will be reselling Core Scientific’s innovative Plexus software solution. The company will also use the Plexus software to initiate a test-drive cloud powered by its AI hardware stack. Silke Barlow, the Head of Infrastructure Solutions at Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand, noted that “Fujitsu […]

Bitcoin Mining Council Survey Findings Focus on Sustainability

The Bitcoin Mining Council (BMC) put together a first-quarter survey that primarily focused on two metrics: energy consumption and sustainable power mix. Results revealed that survey participants are currently using electricity that has a 67% sustainable power mix. These results mean that the overall sustainable energy mix has grown about 56% since Q1, making Bitcoin […]

Core Scientific Moves Up 21 Spots in GeekWire 200 Rankings

GeekWire 200 rankings gather publicly available data to determine popular and trending tech companies in the Pacific Northwest area. Core Scientific moved up 21 spots on the list, jumping from 132nd to 111th. Read the full article